Monday, August 10, 2009

My fourth great grandparents

I was surprised recently to check my inbox and see photos taken of the headstones of my fourth great grandparents – John and Patcey Cornelius. For a long time, I’ve known they were buried in Kentucky, specifically the Cornelius Family Cemetery in Christian County. John and Patcey are the parents of Henry Cornelius whose grave I visited last summer.

About a year ago, I joined the Find A Grave community. I enjoy the site – not just for morbid curiosity – but also as a genealogy research tool. You can go on Find A Grave, look for a cemetery listing and request photos of a friend or loved on who is interred there. That’s what I did with John and Patcey…and a kind soul sent me the photos.

Both lived long lives – especially considering the times they live in. John was born on May 20, 1776, a month and a half before the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th and 219 years to the day before my son Kevin was born!

Here is the memorial page for John and for Patcey and the photos themselves.