Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another sod house photo

Here is another photo of the sod house near Madrid where my grandmother, May Chamberlain Cornelius, was born. I originally wrote about this sod house back in October 2004. This photo was discovered among other photos while we were packing up my mother's belongings. I have not yet gone through all the other photos yet. What makes this photo special is what my grandmother wrote on the back of the photo:

Pioneer sod house built in 1886 southeast of Madrid, Nebraska...by my father, George Chamberlain. I was born here in 1900. Soon after this picture was taken, the house was destroyed and replaced by a frame house.

This little sod house served as the family home from 1886 - 1904. My two sisters and three brothers were also born here.

So now we have the exact dates of the house.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Mom update

Just a brief update for family members who come across this blog. My mother returned home today. She had been in a nursing home for over three weeks rehabilitating her broken hip. She made pretty good progress while in the nursing home and now she needs to build on that progress.