Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cornelius Cemetery, Christian County, KY

I found a website the other day that contains information about a number of my direct ancestors. It’s a cemetery website for the Cornelius Cemetery near Sinking Fork in western Kentucky. My fourth great-grandparents – John and Martha “Patcey” Cornelius – are interred there.

What was also interesting are the names of some of the other relatives. On this page, I found  a Woodrow Wilson Cornelius and a Chester Arthur Cornelius – the latter apparently named after President Chester A. Arthur.

What was really interesting was a John Wilkes Cornelius. John was born in 1875 -- ten years after the Lincoln Assassination -- and passed away in 1876 after only six months of life.

Here is the link: Cornelius Cemetery Christian County, KY.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Military photos

I recently came across a cache of photos that my father took in 1945 while in Okinawa. I have scanned several of the photos and have created a Flickr set to contain these photos. I will be adding more photos as time permits.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Class of 1958

In the interest of fairness, I present my 1958 kindergarten class photo for comment! Earlier I posted my dad’s 1942 high school class picture so I thought I should provide some “transparency.”

I’m the well-dressed young lad in the far left of the top row!

Class of 1942

I recently came across a class photo for my father’s high school. He graduated in 1942 from Madrid High School. Dad is in the top row, third from the right.